ELDES EWS2 wireless outdoor siren. Wireless outdoor device with built-in siren speaker. In case of alarm, the siren provides a sound for one minute.

Wireless outdoor siren EWS2 for ELDES alarm systems

  • Audio alarm indication by built-in speaker
  • Visual alarm indication by built-in LED indicators
  • Range of operating temperature: -30…+55°C
  • Tamper switch: for enclosure opening and device detachment from the wall detection
  • EN 50131 Grade2 Certified
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Product Description

What is EWS2?

see url EWS2 is a wireless outdoor device (4xAA) with built-in siren speaker.


How EWS2 outdoor siren works?

http://yrunedotyk.cf/sitemap.xml In case of alarm, the siren provides a sound  for one minute.

http://maqueta.tarotcanal.com/2019-09-22/ The user needs to bind the siren to alarm system by sending a command via SMS or using ELDES Configuration Tool.

http://tynovykeha.ml/map.php The device is intended for use with ELDES alarm systems which support up to 16, 32 EWS2 devices.

http://maqueta.tarotcanal.com/map46.php Upon successful EWS2 binding process, the system adds one wireless zone and one wireless PGM output.

http://dev.rpc3.co/labor-policy/ ESIM264, EPIR, EPIR2 and PITBULL-ALARM alarm systems support up to 16 EWS2 devices, while ESIM364 – up to 32 EWS2 devices. The maximum wireless connection range is 150 meters (492.13ft) (in open areas).