• Multiple fire detection modes
• FireClass digital detection algorithms
• CO (carbon monoxide) fire detection technology
• Up to 250 smoke detectors per loop (dependant on panel choice)
• Optional bi-directional line isolation
• Remote smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detector verification & temperature read out
• Highly featured service tool
• Programmable smoke, fire and CO alarm LED with 360 degree viewing angle
• Fire, isolated and fault LED indication
• Optional smoke detector locking pin
• Variety of sounder bases
• Protected optical chamber screen

Product Description

The FC460PC from FireClass is a multi sensor smoke, heat and carbon monoxide(CO) detector.  Having a smoke and co detector is essential in challenging conditions where normal smoke alarms and smoke detectors struggle. With the added feature of a heat sensor in the smoke alarm, businesses can stay open longer and ensure lives are saved thanks to the FireClass Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector.  CO monitors such as the FC460PC are able to stop carbon monoxide poisoning by detecting the colourless and odourless gas often produced by old or faulty gas powered tools, heaters, and cooking equipment. Exposures at 100 ppm or greater can be dangerous to human health.

The heat sensor contained within the smoke and carbon monoxide detector can operate in fixed temperature and rate of rise modes.  It is most often used in places featuring high levels of dust, such as a factory floor or where an environment might preclude the use of traditional smoke detectors.




This FireClass detector can monitor carbon monoxide levels, detect fire through rising heat levels and detects the difference between smoke and steam ensuring a reduction in the number of false fire alarms.  This is particularly useful in hotel bedrooms where steam from the bathroom can set off a smoke alarm.