Addressable Outdoor Call Point with Isolator – FC421CP-I

Addressable Break Glass Call Point is designed to monitor and signal the condition of a switch contact that is operated by activating the deformable plastic element. The FC421CP-I is fitted into a standard weatherproof call point housing. IP67 protection degree.
A short circuit isolator is embedded.
     Integral short circuit isolator.
     Dual colour LED indication.
     EN54-11 certification.
     Compact, modern styling.
     Test key for fast testing.
     IP67 ingress protection models for external applications.

Product Description

A comprehensive range of call points for use with FireClass addressable systems, using the robust and reliable FireClass open protocol. All the call points are designed to enable an alarm signal to be given by a plastic resettable element, which means that the call point can be easily reset after it has been activated. Any change in the status of the switch is immediately communicated to the FireClass Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE). All call points have an integral short-circuit isolator for monitoring the addressable loop wiring.
The integral LED indicator is normally off. When the frangible element is broken, an alarm is registered and the LED will illuminate red. If a section of the loop wiring adjacent to the call point is shorted, the built-in short-circuit isolator trips, isolating the shorted section and the LED is illuminated yellow.
The status remains until the short is removed. If required, an optional transparent hinged cover may be installed to guard against accidental operation. Both indoor and outdoor versions are available.