FireClass FC501 Main



  • 3 in 1 Loops
  • Up to 400mA current dynamically shared across 3 loop circuits
  • Two versions available (1.5 A or 2.5 A power supply)
  • Up to 128 Addresses / 32 Zones
  • Easy to programme
  •  Auto Addressing
  • Auto mapping with Intelli-Zone feature
  •  Out of the Box
  • On Line Help function
  • USB interface dual role Host/Device
  • Multi Users/Multi Installers (Up to 2 Installers, 8 Users)
  • Walk test function
  • 4000 Event Log
  • Loop break location

Product Description

The FireClass FC501 panel incorporates addressable digital technology at a price point for less complex and smaller scale applications, such as small factories, restaurants, shop units, warehouses, schools and hotels. Saving installers valuable time and providing cost benefits, it is easily configurable and up and running in less than five minutes, assuming the system is installed, wired and free of faults. The panel can program up to 128 loop devices using the panel keypad and devices can be easily addressed without the need for a handheld tool. The system can be tested and programmed simultaneously, whether it’s first time programming or modifying an existing component.

The FC501 panel’s addressable fire detection technology also has benefits for end users, who are able to pinpoint an incident fast. Real time control from any location in the world means remote users can reset, control or silence the system using a graphic interface that displays all devices connected to the different zones.  This provides effective remote management of detection systems and an enhanced capability over conventional panel technology.
Auto Addressing, Intelli-Zone, On Screen Help function, USB interface to upload the configuration and the easiness to configure the panel via integrated keypad are only some of the features that allow the installation and configuration of the FC501 in just a few simple steps.